Xmlvalidatingreader is obsolete vb net

Transform(o Doc, null, str, new Xml Uri Resolver()); -- Oleg Tkachenko Multiconn Technologies, Israel xmlresolver Hi, I have the following code and the compiler complains with "method obsolete should pass a xml Resolver to transform method" line 12. Load(strmenu Path "\" strmenu Xsl); 9 // Create the Stream to place the output.

Credentials I have this code from an example on the MSDN site: Dim rdr As New Xml Text Reader(" rdr.

Text Writer)" is obsolete: "you should pass Xml Resolver to Transform() method" Sorry, but that's an untasted field for me. Bug with XMLResolver Hi I'm currently having a problem with XMLResolvers. The first file I create, using the obsolete method, creates the text1file correctly.

I just want to know how can validate the format of a certain string for example, i have a string with 2011/13/02, and I want to check if it's format is in yyyy-dd-MM format,.

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I'm assuming that you are using version 1.1 of the . If so, it has obsoleted a lot of 1.0 framework methods for XSLT transformations. Default Credentials (I got that code from an example on the MSDN) I then call the .

Ernesto, I just posted a similar problem I've been having with XSLT transformations.

Xml Resolver and xsl:include Have been doing a fair amount of reading but at this point no joy. My customer resolver has been working fine until I tried to use the following in my style-sheet: It seems as though the above statement is ignored even though I can see the document path come through the customer resolver and no errors are generated. Simply pass null (or nothing in vb) and you will no longer get the warning.

Load Doc Sequence(Xml Document parent Doc) at System.

Load(Xml Document doc, Xml Reader reader, Boolean preserve Whitespace) at System. Thanks SELECT 1 as tag, null as parent, project ID as [item!

Default Credentials Dim doc As New Xml Document doc.

I have imported the appropriate namespaces (Net, Xml, Xml. I also had similar problems using Xml Validating Reader.

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