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"It's such a beautiful country and it's my first time here, but I've only really visited radio and TV stations," she laughs."But that's OK – not everyone gets to have this kind of tour. "Feeling sorry for the Sydney-based talent agent, we whisk her away to Auckland's Viaduct Harbour for a view of the Sky Tower."However, Melissa has no regrets about signing on for the show. "Even though I didn't get a husband, I left with lifelong friends and the confidence to really be in a relationship.I married a stranger and made myself vulnerable on TV, so now I can do anything, like asking a guy out at a bar.I know I'll get a new husband soon." was to grow his profile and promote the world's most boring book about meditation.He's always talking about finding himself and finding awareness, but he has zero awareness.

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Neither she is known to be dating anyone nor is suspected of having an affair in and out of her office.

As of today, she is working for The meteorologist Melissa Constanzer was born on under the birth sign of Taurus to her supportive parents in Pennslyvania.

Her birth name is Melissa Nicole Constanzer but nothing about her parents are revealed yet.

She studied at Penn State Univerity, where Melissa earned her Bachelor’s degree in Meteorology.

As per Constanze’s citizenship, she is a white American tv meteorologist working as a regular host for .

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