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Basically this means that if it was felt that a person of reasonable firmness (i.e.

The above is an example of the type of behaviour that could harassment without fear of violence.

Neighbor harassment can mean anything from neighbors who are verbally abusive to people who are deflating your tires to neighbors who are just plain nosey.

You’d want to focus on the SPECIFIC form of misbehavior that is causing the problem, such as jumping up on people, or barking too much, etc… (I can already hear you saying, “I tried that and it didn’t work! In fact, jumping into action too quickly is often where people go wrong right off the bat.

Harassment with fear of violence is a person whose cause of conduct causes another to fear on at least two occasions, that violence will be used against him/her and who knows that his/her behaviour will cause fear of violence on each of the occasions is guilty of an offence.

The law still takes into account the "reasonable person" test when making a decision as to whether harassment with fear of violence has occurred.

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