Vanessa bryant dating history

All this came out when Vanessa Bryant’s superstar husband was accused of infidelity, and the couple was on the verge of filing for a divorce.Whether or not the accusations were true, Bryant’s wife was in the spotlight after the All-Star player confessed to infidelity.Bryant denied her accusations and claimed that the sexual relationship was through mutual consent, leading to infidelity, too.The allegations hacked Bryant’s high-stilted career at the base, and he was no longer an idol to the millions who loved him.Check out some interesting details from Vanessa Bryant’s wiki to know more about her.Vanessa Cornejo Ubrieta was born on May 5, 1982, to a Mexican-Irish mother, Sofia Laine.

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Vanessa Bryant had three daughters with the basketball star.

They did not have a prenuptial agreement, and even though Bryant was ready to leave her husband in 2013, she found it in her heart to forgive him.

And what she received as an apology was blinding enough!

While he shined his million-dollar smile on the Oscars red carpet last night, Kobe Bryant’s wife, Vanessa Bryant, was standing right by his side.

She has been a role model to many, but in the wake of the #Me Too movement, Kobe Bryant’s Oscar win has caused the rape allegations against him to resurface.

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