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While the maps are generally up-to-date to the year of the vehicle model, they can become incomplete over time as roads and points of interest are built, closed or changed.Updating the map database for your built-in Toyota navigation system will require either a self-install DVD or a visit to your dealer, depending on your model.w=258&dpr=1&q=80&fm=png&lossless=false&fit=max&cs=strip&bg=fff&auto=compress& 258w,/imgix/content/entune/responsive/images/support/tcom-icon_entune-red.png? Warning A new law is prohibiting the speed camera notifications on your navigation system whilst driving in France.Toyota features an advanced voice recognition system that allows you to control many navigation functions through voice commands.

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Cancel Destination Search (English Only) Note: "Press" refers to a physical button on your phone or the multimedia system faceplate.

For your safety, you can only input an address manually when the vehicle is stopped.

Finding Points of Interest by name: Search From Categories Note: "Press" refers to a physical button on your phone or the multimedia system faceplate.

When you press the button, a command list appears on the screen to prompt you for a response.

The Toyota system uses natural speech information (English only).

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