Updating photo booth

The case I bought came with the eggshell and the pick out foam, as shown.

I used the foam to my advantage to protect the printer and paper tray as well as to hide other imperfections.

I also needed to be able to tilt it up and down (so the photo-booth can be used standing up or sitting down, and to accommodate for little kids and adults).

The only way I could mount it so it could tilt was to have to have it stick out a bit, but that problem is solved, because I am able to turn the camera around and fold it on itself so the lens does not get scuffed up in transit or storage.

updating photo booth-81

For tablet cutout, I simply made a template and used my dremel tool to cut out a nice rectangle.

I made a table top photo-booth to use at my kids' school carnivals a while ago.

I also built curtains out of pvc and material (unfortunately, i do not have pictures of that).

The printer does need to be taken out of the case when in use, as there is a paper tray that attaches to the printer.

I also use another (bigger) photo printer if necessary.

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