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Whatever the reason you need it, here’s how to get it: The Unity Dash is the hub of the OS.You can search, preview and open recent files, folders, installed apps and media content. How does checking the weather forecast without leaving your desktop sound?But I appreciate that not everyone wants to use Chrome.Some of you may be using a 32-bit version of Ubuntu, which Chrome no longer supports.The good news is that it is easy to make Ubuntu look fantastic. The ‘Appearance‘ section in Ubuntu System Settings lets you adjust parts of the Ubuntu desktop to suit your needs, including: For a more thorough visual revamp you can install new GTK and icon themes, like our current favourite Arc.Sift through our Themes section to find other ‘eye candy’, including desktop wallpapers, widgets and cool apps.

If you forgot to do that (or upgrade from an earlier release) you can install the multimedia codecs manually via the Software app: Click on an app launcher icon to open an app. Ubuntu 16.04 finally lets you choose where the Unity launcher is positioned.

Expect a regression in system performance if you upgrade.

Legal issues stop Ubuntu from being able to play MP3, MP4 and other media files ‘out of the box’.

Some of these are easier to set up than others, though: Also keep in mind that not all of the apps listed integrate with Nautilus, the file manager used in Ubuntu.

Flash sucks, but for some sites you may not have the option of not using it.

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