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One interesting thing about this specific model is its support for Pentium III processors up to 1Ghz, but only for Coppermine cores and at the expense of massive heat & battery power draw increase.There is a 1200-XL302 (with model number "12XL302") too.These changes render this generation of Presario 1200 distinctly incompatible at the component level with most of its predecessors.The major differences in the hardware of the 1200-XL325 were: The 1200-XL405A (designated with model number "12XL405A") is another model using an Intel processor. The motherboard is equipped with a Socket-370 ZIF CPU socket and uses a VIA PLE133 chipset (comprising the VT8601 North Bridge and VT82C686A South Bridge) with graphics provided via the Trident Cyberblade-i1 controller integrated into the VT8601 circuitry.The label of "Compaq Presario 1200" includes a vast set of model numbers and revisions, many of which are not totally compatible, even though the machines share the same general Presario model number.

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They were supplied with a Quick Restore disc which returned the system to its factory condition in the event of change of ownership, wish to reinstall the OS or system failure.

The next model up from the 1245, the 1246 offered a new processor, bigger HDD, CF card slot and fold-down feet for desktop operation.

Aesthetically, the 1246 was almost identical to the 1245.

Screens for this series are notable for their banding and white edges which appear more evident as the machine ages, the backlight at the sides clearly visible.

Memory expansion was available on the bottom of the units, allowing up to 128MB of additional SODIMM memory to be added.

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