Updating custom firmware kandi burruss dating cameraman

Hi, I try to make a custom firmware by Intel Firmware Engine.First, I built and files by following this Intel video tutorial. Download firmware updater software here (scroll down to Utility Software section): https:// Once you’ve downloaded the file from above, extract it and install it to your computer. Connect the module to your computer using a micro USB cable.While plugging in the USB cable to your module, make sure you are pressing down on the joystick button. With the module plugged in, and in DFU mode, its COM port should be selected automatically by the updater.If a product has a firmware update, it will be listed here.Be sure to also register your products to be notified when new firmware updates are available.

4.10 or earlier, please review the benefits and changes before performing the update.

You can upload a custom logo to the Rapidfire using the firmware updater.

The logo will show up every time you power up the module.

For the Ethernet gateway, if there is a static IP Address or similar setting, it will revert to DHCP.

It will then need to be taken to a network with DHCP to be configured with the static IP Address again.

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