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This reduces IT overhead and improves the backup and restore process.MORE INTERESTING ARTICLES: HOW TO ENSURE EFFECTIVE DEMAND MANAGEMENT WITH PROJECT ONLINELEVERAGING AUTOMATED WORKFLOW TO STREAMLINE PROJECT PROCESSESIn Project 20, users were able to visualize the project plan and its progress along the time axis called the Timeline.Projects will automatically receive a unique Project ID based on this configuration.

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Both earned value view and reports are available for that.

There are two types of resources in MS project, i.e. Work resources are human and materials that consumes time to get a task down. As the base information is ready, the next step is to baseline the project plan.

Saving the project baseline is an important step because later on you will be referring to this baseline with your actual cost and schedule to measure and manage your project.

To establish an easily referable ID, organizations have created scripts and other custom code to auto-generate an ID to be paired with the project names.

Now Project Online enables an admin configurable auto-generating code pattern to be defined as a part of the Enterprise Project Template (EPT).

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