Tabling and dating

I will stop by your table for a button any day of the week.When someone stops by to get some free stuff, they’re going to feel a little bit indebted to you for that free thing, so that’s the perfect time to ask them to sign your petition or join your email list or take some literature. Tabling without some sort of goal for what you’re going to do with your visitors has never made much sense to me.

Put your free stuff out where people can see it as they walk by. I love a good button, funny buttons, political buttons, obscure reference buttons, homemade buttons.You see, birth control on college campuses would have risen from to , which doesn’t seem like a lot until you think harder about how restricted a college student’s budget may be.We bought worth of ramen noodles to visibly show the cost difference for college students on a budget who might have to choose between groceries or birth control pills if their copays suddenly doubled.An exception to that rule is if you can create some kind of display that’s vertical or three-dimensional that is very, very intriguing.The vertical or three-dimensional aspect is so it can be seen from a distance. When I used to organize a campus advocacy program, we did a letter-writing tabling event once with ramen noodles. To draw attention to rising birth control prices under a regressive federal policy, .

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