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Through the course of the night, partygoers are photographed holding the bag/s they most like the scent of, with the resulting pictures projected onto a big screen.If you like the look of someone photographed with your bag (which, side-note, seems to nullify the whole premise), that's the green light to strike up a conversation.And although I loved his scent, I wasn't convinced I could or would love him (nor him me, to be fair), and — shock, horror!— it turns out love matters when choosing a mate."Of course it matters!And, although he thinks all online dating sites and apps are "garbage", and not a viable way to meet someone special, at the very least, he says, Smell Dating sparked some interesting conversations with friends and roommates about smell.Oh, and it also scored him a date: "I met up with one girl who was really fun.In having to "match" with each other before any contact can be made, Smell Dating works much like Tinder. As stated on their website, Smell Dating holds the strong belief that "the metrics of compatibility are chemical; connection is a matter of intercourse not interface.""I think there's an exhaustion with online dating in that it is so judgmental," says Ms Brain, who describes Smell Dating as both a participatory art experiment and a dating service."Online dating sites and apps like Tinder are so visually skewed — the profile pic is the most important thing, and often you make decisions about who you think you'd like."Smell is much more innate; you can't really choose who you like, you just do, so it's a very different way of perceiving potential partners."It's not the first time smell has been used in a matchmaking capacity.

If my desire to get up close and personal with his unwashed underarms signified our compatibility and the potential of genetically superior offspring, we'll never know — the relationship ended well before babies ever entered the equation.Embracing him after a long day, he smelled right like others haven't — all man, all mine.He thought he was being rude perspiring all over the place, but I didn't mind.Participants of Smell Dating, on the other hand, are partaking in the process alone, and are given absolutely no information, visual or otherwise, about the person whose shirt they are smelling."There have been a number of straight women who have matched with straight women, and straight men who have matched with straight men, so clearly they're incompatible," explains Ms Brain."But mostly people's matches have aligned with their sexual preferences.All the smells I elected as a straight woman were from men.

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