Slave master wife dating slaves

"My body, everything about me, belongs to Master Joe," says Kim. all I have to do now, the only responsibility I have now, is what he gives me." "If he asked me to jump out of a window of a 5th floor...

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She trusts Master Joe will always look out for her best interests because he wouldn't want to break his toy. And to make the commitment long lasting Kim was given the option of having either a brand or tattoo on her body... There is also a lot of spanking involved in Joe and Kim's relationship."There are people out there who need something like a spanking every so often," says Master Joe."My duties are to take care of him, to always have his best interests at heart" says Kim. that's what it's about." When it comes to dinner time, Kim will always serve Master Joe first and won't touch any of her own food or drink until he begins to eat.The only exceptions to the rules are when Master Joe tells Kim to do something different to the usual routine.

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