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Alycia Rossiter told Vulture:“Netflix is getting a few people together to talk about what their lives are looking like now that we shot it.

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This was not produced like Married at First Sight, which at least tries to match compatible people.They didn’t put themselves in the box that you tick for a dating show.” She added:“Casting was really hard because we were looking for people who wouldn’t normally do this, and that doesn’t just mean people that might not trust an outfit like Netflix.It was also people who weren’t looking for attention.Or people who don’t see faces like their own on TV.”Lex was acutely aware of this—and that the diversity of the cast was the point.He told Time that he was cast because he knows the owner of the casting company The House that Casting Built, and says he told her, “Listen: I will do this and meet your diversity quota, because I’m pretty sure that’s why you’re asking me to do this.”When Lex says he told her, “What do I have to offer?

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