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The granitic boulders have formed numerous small caves and overhangs, which are home to giant sweetlips and sleeping whitetips.

The reef is dominated by soft corals and sponges, which are found in greater abundance here than anywhere else around Mahé.

Bottom time is short and it is important to keep an eye on dive computers so as not to go into deco.

Over the years the ship has attracted a variety of marine life and today sponges and soft corals encrust the surface of the vessel.

Strong currents often sweep past bringing with them a variety of pelagics.

Baie Ternay can only be accessed by boat and is very popular with both divers and snorkelers alike.Palm trees, white sandy beaches, pristine reefs - the Seychelles are the tropical islands cliché.About five years ago, Chris Mason-Parker moved to the archipelago to promote marine conservation.However, the abundance of both larger pelagics and unusual marco subjects means that it is never a dull dive.The Aldabaran wreck is an old fishing vessel that was confiscated by the Seychelles coast guard for fishing illegally in Seychelles waters.

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