Sexy chat throug mobile without regestration

TAP TO TEXT Texting is something many of us do to communicate with our friends and family.

But sometimes we need to talk to someone else about what we’re going through.

Using a combination of Windows and Android malware and some very simple social engineering, a group aligned with the regime of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad have raked in a wealth of intelligence on Syrian opposition groups.

The first few texts you receive will be automated messages from Kids Help Phone giving you more information about the service and our Privacy Policy.

After that, you’ll be connected to a volunteer Crisis Responder who can talk to you about any issue — big or small.

They would use that information to determine which set of malware to offer: one packaged for Windows or a package for Android.

In addition to malicious photos, they would sometimes offer a link to an installer for another video chat software package that included malware.

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