Revenge stars dating

If I don't get to update in 2 days I'll make another special chapter! Juvia's card said Lyon, Erza was blushing as she reading Jellal's name, Levy sweat dropped while she saw Jet's name, Bisca smiled seeing Alzack on her paper, Wendy saw Romeo name and blushed uncomfortably, and Lucy turned to stone seeing a certain dragon slayer's name on her paper. It is in NO way related to the story, it was made for fun :) BTW this is before Tenrou Island arc, but the rest of the story is after. "Hey, Lucy, if you participate in the game I'm starting you could get some cash! Lucy stared suspiciously at the transformation wizard, knowing her nickname was ' Matchmaker Mira'.

The episode and Josh’s performance was praised by critics and fans alike.Daniel's not like his family, and he wants to be a good person, and he's met this beautiful woman that he's fallen head over heels in love with," he said. YOU ARE READING Fanfiction Edit 2019: THIS STORY IS ABSOLUTELY C U R S E D CONTENT READ AT YOUR OWN RISK Lucy was called weak and useless. In response, Lucy sweat dropped and nodded to her friend. " Mira said, "In this cup are names of a few boys who also volunteered to participate! ' By 'volunteered' I think she means bribed' Lucy thought to herself. Well, their characters are engaged on the soapy ABC series, “Revenge,” but it seems that whatever love they are acting out on the small screen may have leaked into their real lives. According to , EVC and JB are currently hanging out, but unlike on the show, "it's not serious.” The couple also reportedly got their party on over New Year’s at the Paris club Rasputin with their pals.Taking their love to the City of Lights seems somewhat serious to us, guys! We did name him one of our Hump Day Hotties last year, after all.

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