Religious views on interracial dating

For the families of those involved in interracial relationships, it may not be easy to accept such a relationship.

There are inevitably some racial tensions left over from past generations, and interracial dating was traditionally seen as a taboo.

He studies physics at the Open University, with a particular interest in quantum physics and cosmology.

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If your son or daughter has introduced you to their partner, or is going to, it is unlikely that their relationship is purely sexual.

Hurt can be an unfortunate consequence of that, but lasting happiness is the other possibility.

Your family member's partner is an individual, and they should be treated as such.

Someone you are very close to, or even possibly raised, has reserved a place in their heart for this person.

The odds of your family member's partner being a sociopath are as low as those of you yourself being one.

If they are in a relationship, it is much more likely to be based on love.

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