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Motivation for the question to follow: Some of the common mistakes we make in evaluating claims are resisting contrary evidence, looking for confirming evidence, and preferring available evidence.To counteract these tendencies, we need to take deliberate steps to examine critically even our most cherished claims, search for disconfirming evidence as well as confirming, and look beyond evidence that is merely the most striking or memorable.There is also a companion novelty boy doll named Laddie.This same doll also came dressed as a Nurse, Indian girl, girl dressed in striped dress, Army & Air Force dolls.Visit Stack Exchange Firstly: please try not to bring creation/evolution into this.I will award the correct answer to a response which provides links to evidence and sound explanations.However if it is, then wouldnt this invalidate any results made using K-Ar dating?Please respond with and flaws in my reasoning or any additional reasons why the experiment was flawed.

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I haven't heard of this being done, however if you have some evidence to this effect please share it. I have very little knowledge in the field of radioactive dating, and I'm not even sure if 1 is a true statement.

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While other answers are correct that the half-life of Potassium-40 is very large, the 0.2 MY error bars indicate that the measurements were accurate enough to establish the "age" with a high degree of certainty.

The claim "the real ratio of elements would indicate a 50 year old sample" lies more than 17 standard deviations away from the mean measurement, so it is very unlikely that the sample matched that prediction. The same flow yielded samples that dated to 1.3 /- 0.3 MYA, 0.8 /- 0.2 MYA, and 1.2 /- 0.2 MYA. (One sample also dated to 270,000 years ago, which appears to be the minimum measurable value, so is not a significant aberration). These (flawed) studies cite examples of "anomalous" ages from specific lava floes: Their claims: "Volcanic rocks produced by the lava flows which occured in Hawaii in the years 1800-1801 were dated by the potassium-argon method.

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