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Traces of intense fire are plain to see, including reddened masses of brick, cracked stones, charred timber and ashes.

There are fallen walls, thick layers of ash and indication of a new culture on top of that, but according to the traditional chronology, it all happened 600 years before the Israelites arrived. Let us look at the archaeological history of Jericho.The disaster was indeed complete, for this was the end of Early Bronze Age Jericho.’ Because Kenyon adhered to the traditional dating she was mystified as to who these invaders were, but it was very clear to her that they did not come from within Palestine. ‘The Jericho evidence very strongly emphasises the great difference of the phase from both the preceding and the succeeding ones, a difference both in the objects in use, such as pottery and weapons, and in the entire way of life of the population.There was, certainly at Jericho, and very probably elsewhere (on the existing evidence), such a wholesale incursion of newcomers that the existing population was completely submerged.’ ‘It can in any case be deduced that the newcomers were concerned with things spiritual from the care they took in the disposal of the dead.There is virtually no continuity in pottery between the two periods, and it is perhaps excessive caution to use the qualifying `virtually.’ It is not merely that there is a great technical advance in potting, in that the vessels in common use in the Middle Bronze Age are made on a fast wheel, whereas those of the Early Bronze Age only show a tentative use of a slow wheel in finishing some of the vessels, but all the forms of the vessels are different.In other directions the change is equally marked; bronze, for instance, takes the place of copper as the common metal.’ ‘The joints were excellently fitted together by tenon and mortise, held together by wooden pegs; no metal was employed in the structure.

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