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Women also sold themselves more than men by including more photos of themselves, says Dr. Hence, they were more likely than men to attract mates through their physical appearance, the study discovered.

Men were more likely than women to convey that they were tall and of high status in their bios, says Dr. As far as height’s concerned, 12.2 percent of men versus 2.6 percent of women mentioned it.

Now, a new study by the University of Scranton found that Tinder profiles are like old-school personal ads, and the researchers gave us some dating and Tinder tips and hacks we can all use.

After all, everyone’s doing it, right, using Tinder?

I wanted a guy to swipe right based on my bio and what-I-would-be-wearing-out-on-an-average-day, like jeans and t-shirts.

(Some friends of mine used to complain about all the guys messaging them for sex, and when I’d ask to see their profiles, I’d see that the profile pictures they had up may have been sending the wrong message.)Plus, when I Tinder-dated, I had a bio that promoted question-asking.

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Disagreements on ratings were settled through discussion among the principal investigator and his undergraduate team, comprised of five female and four male students. Here are the study’s key findings, followed by some Tinder hacks from Dr. The study found that 25 percent of Tinder users that Dr.

Kuhle and his researchers analyzed had no profile bio and just pictures, which he found surprising. (If you want tips for writing your bio, check out this piece on what dating experts advise.) Furthermore, many who did compose one barely did so, Dr.

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