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After I ran my white cardstock through my Cuttlebug, I simply applied the Versa Magic ink directly to the paper with a make-up sponge.

Just keep applying ink until you reach your desired color. I added more ink to darken up some areas just to make it look more interesting.

Here's the adult female designated as "Mom" shopping at "the market"..what a market it is!!

Who woudln't want to shop here with all those radiant vegetables cascading out of baskets towards you?

Farming's a breeze when your animals have learned to assemble themselves by species!

Here the farm animals graciously abide by the unwritten farmyard apartheid, with pigs clustering with pigs, chickens keeping company with chickens and sheep looking nervous in the middle of the pack.

The grocer, most likely named "the grocer" or "Food Delivery Technician # 4" looks like your doctor, or at least a Good Humor man.

For this one I ran my white cardstock through the Cuttlebug.As happens too often, fallible humans completely garbled the message.Who doesn't remember "Dick & Jane", even if it's just as a popular culture memory associated with a vaguely old-fashioned and bucolic view of family life? ) trip the rope fantasic while being watched by Spot ("the dog"), Puff ("the Cat"), Leroy ("the squirrel") and Stan Musial ("the cardinal").In the end: The last two methods that I tried are definitely the closest. As we culturally deconstruct the dreadfully misguided marketing effort of purity culture, it’s important to recognize that isn’t the truth of Christianity.

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