Police intimidating nato

A growing segment of Occupy organizers identify as “anti-capitalist,” and many of those participated in a march later on Saturday that appropriately kicked off from the Haymarket monument.It snaked its way eastward through the heart of downtown at an hour where the “Loop” was eerily quiet due to highway and street closures coinciding with the passing of motorcades from O’Hare Airport to various hotels near the Mc Cormick convention center.The commotion stirred by this act of violence resulted in the end of the roving action, while Amico was loaded into an ambulance and sent to a local hospital before ultimately being transferred to jail for the remainder of the evening.Shortly thereafter, police stopped and searched two of the most recognized live streamers in town for the event.

The National Nurses Union was responsible for organizing the first of the large-scale demonstrations on Friday afternoon, when roughly 5,000 people crowded into Daley Plaza to support implementation of a “Robin Hood Tax” on financial speculators.

Before the march could cross the bridge, police vans suddenly entered the crowd, brushing against protesters in the process.

As one of the vehicles wiggled its way through, it ran over activist Jack Amico.

The lead-up to the summit was replete with fear-mongering, driven in part by the city’s political elite and promulgated by the “no questions asked” corporate press.

Back in January, Chicago Fraternal Order of Police president Michael Shields warned of “professional anarchists” coming to town with an eye toward disrupting business as usual.

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