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Some of the primary causes of codependency are as follows: Inadequate Nurturing – Our need for approval, acceptance and love Read More I am the mother of three children, one son and twin daughters. Out of my three children, one of my daughters and my son have a substance use disorder.My daughter used meth and fought with the disorder for three years.To become a chat pal, also known as a pen pal, sign up on one or a number of websites to 'adopt' a solider or sailor, or an entire unit.Sign up with a website dedicated to connecting people at home to soldiers and sailors overseas.I was told to get healthy, it would help my addict son.Not knowing what healthy was, not even realizing I was sick (co-dependent), not knowing how!Read More To have a child lost to alcohol or drug addiction is to suffer a thousand deaths.

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Montgomery, Texas- Starts Tuesday, July 23 at pm at the Life Giving Life Recovery Center near Houston, Texas!

These statements convey the message that you see them as empowered adults, not helpless children.

We have found comfort in knowing we are not alone in this journey.

If you begin sending letters, your service member chat pal might begin to look forward to communication from the United States, especially if they don't have many family members back home.

If you wish to support PAL and our mission, here is your opportunity to give back.

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