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We are living in a world where regular-size is regarded as healthy and lovable.

But this is exactly right in regard to your own lifelong health.

I am healthy, even though I am obese The weird thing is I'm not grossed out by obesity anymore. I'm not sure whether this is a side effect to me getting used to my own body, or maybe I have matured as a person. If you are an obese woman, then don't worry about men who aren't attracted to larger women.

In fact, having sex with a large woman is kind of a fetish for me. I look back and think about how stupid I was to reject the girl who was obviously attracted to me, just because of her weight. It's not like people have control over their own sexuality!

I think she was attracted to me, because she kept standing close to me, but I didn't do nothing Years later, I got married. I gained 30 lbs of sympathy weight (yes that's my story and I'm sticking to it). I got a talking to from my doctor, and she told me that I need to lose 60 lbs.

I got to a point where I have halted the weight gain and got my cholesterol/diabetes in check. In fact, the same man might not be attracted to obese women, and then might change to be attracted to obese women.

So you don’t call the person for a second date, because they probably made a mistake and are dreading calling you. I’m going to let you in on a little secret: All of those points are lies.

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Online dating sites and our families try to sell us a dream that says you can only be happy when you’re with “the one” happily ever after.

You probably aren’t going to do better than you are right now, so you’ve got to keep going with what you’ve got.

Maybe you, personally, don’t feel like you’re going to do any better, because you don’t feel beautiful, or desirable, or even adequate.

You log onto Plenty Of Fish or Match or OKCupid, you check your messages, and you find someone who looks interesting.

If this story went the way fairy tales go, you’d chat with them, fall in love on the first meeting, and live happily ever after. Except that dating in the real world doesn’t go that way. Nope, you’re definitely deleting them from all social media forever. You’ve got friends and family telling you to not be so picky.

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