Online dating branding

A lot of our B2B clients first come to us confused because their product isn’t making the waves it should.

It doesn’t take us long to discover they haven’t clearly defined their ICP beyond industry and job title.

Now, while we may laugh at this like we did when Tinder first came into our lives, it’s quickly becoming a popular trend. Because going on double dates or having a friend set them up increases your chances.

Believe it or not, people who meet a potential partner through a friend end up in more successful relationships.

How can you attract anyone if you don’t show how you’re the one they’re looking for?

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Sam is best known for creating the largest computer virus to date via My Space and applied his algorithmic formula to dating profiles.

You move down the sales funnel by getting someone to send you a message. Based on my experience, few people in the dating world have a clue about branding. How many great girls have I missed because their brand was such a turn off? Luckily, some smart entrepreneurs have built comfortable businesses helping would-be daters turn themselves into desirable brands by first clearly defining their ideal date – in marketing, we call this your ICP (ideal customer profile) – and then creating content that addresses their ICP’s wants and needs.

A lot of girls start their profiles with a grocery list of their must-haves. And how many gazillions of them describe their ideal date as a walk on a beach at sunset? The point is that online dating is a pure form of branding and marketing. It all comes down to knowing your ICP and packaging yourself to quickly stand out and show how you can meet his or her needs better than anyone else. And that’s what we do at the friendly little branding and marketing shop where I work.

The one you choose can determine your success or failure. They slam you with a hundred photos a day, with no personal details, as if all you need is a picture to relate to someone. If religion is important to you, these are great because their focus on shared faith starts you farther down the sales funnel than the other sites do.

(Yes, it sucks, but it’s a necessary evil.) Dating platforms are brands too.

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