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Located in the truck-stop town of Lukaya, along the “AIDS Highway,” students are all in some way affected by HIV/AIDS and poverty in the community.Both education and comprehensive care are provided by sponsorship programs through Real Partners Uganda (a 501(c)3 in New Jersey).I can be reached at the address listed on my profile or via email at: Official Links: This person is incarcerated in the SCI Coal Township.With this revelation, I decided to take control of my life, I began taking classes to earn my High School Diploma which I can proudly say I’ve done. Over these years I’ve lost contact with family and friends and as the saying goes, “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”.My loneliness led me to believe that sustaining a friendship beyond these walls was virtually impossible.The vision of the school is: Be a model School in all Spheres of Education and the mission is: To produce self reliant students through hard and team work.Location: Mawule Village Nangabo Sub-County Wakiso District, Uganda Sponsoring Organization: Worldreader NY Chapter Launch Date: March 2014Approximate number of students and teachers: 70 students; 22 staff and teachers Number of devices: 100 Wi-Fi Kindles Students’ grade level: Kindergarten, Grades 1 – 5 (9 classrooms total)Types of books: Beginning Readers and Storybooks Deployment model: Library Students take devices home: No The Story: In February 2013, Pole Pole Foundation started Pole Pole Academy, a school for orphans founded by orphans.

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It advocates for sustainable human development through community development approaches, to enable men, women, youths and children at the grassroots to access primary health care, education and training in life skills, information, empowerment and capacity building to the rural poor people.Location: Kiganda, Uganda Sponsoring Organization: Dominican Sisters of San Rafael and Dominican University Launch Date: Summer 2014Approximate number of students and teachers: Over 1,000 students, 20 teachers Number of devices: 75 Wi-Fi Kindles Students’ grade level: Primary Types of books: Learn-to-Readers and Storybooks Deployment model: Library Students take devices home: No The Story: For the last five years faculty, staff and students of Dominican University have developed a relationship in which the urgent needs of this small rural area can be addressed.Education is a primary factor for allowing the children to move themselves and their families out of extreme poverty.The faculty volunteers, as former primary grade teachers, recognize the systemic barriers these children face in learning how to read. Location: Lukaya, Uganda Sponsoring Organization: Real Partners Uganda Launch Date: October 2014Approximate number of students and teachers: 500 students, 12 teachers Number of devices: 50 Wi-Fi Kindles Students’ grade level: Primary Types of books: Textbooks, storybooks and reference materials Deployment model: Classroom Students take devices home: No The Story: What began as a small community-based nursery school in 2005 became Mustard Seed Academy (MSA) in 2009 when Tree of Life Ministries (a Ugandan non-profit) was formed to expand and operate the school and related sustainability projects.MSA has now grown to serve 500 orphans and vulnerable children ranging in age from 3 to 17.

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