Nutty adult chay

Really great story It’s well written and thought out and gets you engrossed in the world and the characters. I thought the book was dull, with a lot of improbable coincidences and no real action to speak of.

I liked it In the book, Travis says the first honest thing that comes to mind when he first meets Eliza, and my first thought is: I liked it.The machine is scared and won't talk to them pretty much solely to create suspense.Because it starts talking as soon as the reader is getting annoyed. His greatest concern was making the high school football, until an odd girl moves in next store, a girl whose secrets threaten not only his existence but the existence of everyone on the planet. Tom Upton's skill for storytelling are so good, once may not be enough. The story doesn't cop out into cliché sci-fi territory, but dares to tell a very human science-fiction without leaving out the fantastic... I loved the characters, especially Eliza, who is nutty and very loveable. I read the book twice and marvelled at the story as much the second time as the first. Can be slightly confusing for some readers, nonetheless, everything is well explained by the loveable characters. I couldn’t go more than a page without shaking my head at something one of them said or did, usually laughing as well. I will toss this out, just as a teaser- the giant “cockroaches” were a bit over the top, but they play so little part in the overall story that it just made for an interesting interlude! This book left me feeling truly happy, a big smile on my face, like I had just completed some grand adventure! A well-told tale, written in an engaging, refreshing style.

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