Mike wolfe dating danielle american pickers

He liked what he saw, citing the train's "high, high, high quality" and pointing out just now rare it is — Lionel only made one brown train for every 1,000 green ones produced.

Speck explained that only 12 are known to exist, and that in mint condition it could fetch ,000. However, Speck offered to send the Lionel to a train auction, where he figured it could go for somewhere between ,000 and ,000.

, old friends and junk lovers Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz have driven around the country in their van in pursuit of unique, rare, and (most of all) valuable cultural artifacts and classic vehicles in out-of-the-way secondhand stores, garage sales, estate sales, and dusty outbuildings.

is a reality-based TV show, but a TV show nonetheless.

Wolfe, feeling things might be too good to be true, asked Hopper if the train had been restored at all (which can decrease the value of antiques).

Hopper said he didn't know, but that Later, co-star Danielle Colby arranged for an appraisal by train expert John Speck.

She often holds down the fort for the two of them back at the store.

Wolfe's online store is called Antique Archaeology and you can check it out by clicking here.

The line between real and scripted is often a blurry one, and it's extremely likely that cast members are asked to repeat lines in a studio.“You can watch our show and not have a material possession to your name and you can still have hope that you can feed your family off of rummaging thru someone’s garbage. From the poverty level to the richest in the country, it inspires hope for a better future.”Danielle, or Danny, as her friends call her, grew up in Clinton, Iowa, which is just outside the Quad Cities in the Midwest.Her mom taught her to sew and make clothing; her father was a fourth-generation photographer. “I was always taking apart cameras and putting them back together.Fritz and Wolfe don't just drive around the country trying to spot junk-loaded barns — according to Ken Young, owner of said that the prices of the junk he sold were predetermined, in advance, over the phone.He also said the show tried to "hardcore rip [them] off" with insultingly low offers on their valuables.

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