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Hobson, who is married to billionaire filmmaker George Lucas, has become a major corporate mover and shaker in Chicago, recently being named by new Mayor Lori Lightfoot as the vice chairman of World Business Chicago, the city’s economic development arm.

In addition to increasing the firm’s assets under management, Hobson helped develop the firm’s strategy and establish its investment style with the “patient tortoise” brand. Following the financial crisis of 2008, Ariel’s assets plunged to billion in 2009, after peaking at billion in 2004 and before recovering significantly in 2010.To the extent views presented forecast market activity, they may be based on many factors in addition to those explicitly stated in this material. Views attributed to third parties are presented to demonstrate the existence of points of view, not as a basis for recommendations or as investment advice.Managers who may or may not subscribe to the views expressed in this material make investment decisions for funds maintained by Commonfund or its affiliates.Rogers doesn’t expect the firm’s strategy to change dramatically anytime soon as a result of the shift announced today, but he noted that Hobson had increasingly been taking on more responsibility for hiring, marketing and communications and he said he expects her growing role in those areas to continue.As the firm is expanding, it’s a particularly good time for her to increase her leadership in these areas, emphasizing Ariel’s unique position in the market, specifically with respect to a focus on diversity in recruiting, he said.

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