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Life doesn’t have to be serious all the time, and we all deserve to take some time-off.

Sure you could just stay at home and chill in front of Netflix but there are other better things you can do with your spare time.

I've never really been into serious relationships, I'm more of a 'meet n fuck' type of guy.

The surprise comes more with the fact that some women are exactly like me: they don't want to get committed and they just enjoy having a good time.

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Our members come here because they know that they can find people who are as dirty-minded as they are.

There is no hiding it, it is pure sex, nothing more but nothing less.

Why go through all the efforts if you’re just going to end up not remembering most of it?

So instead of going out and getting inebriated; why not meet your sex partners when you are sober enough to actually remember the sex you had the night before? From experience, it is easier to speak to people online than it is with loud music in the background.

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