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Based on a product’s application and usage, the functional safety assessment is performed in accordance with the requirements of a published and relevant functional safety standard.

Functional safety is the part of overall safety that depends on the correct functioning of safety-related control systems and software.

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A combination mark indicates compliance with both Canadian and U. There are two options for the marks for UL’s Classification service, as noted below.Products found to be noncompliant with the terms, conditions or other UL requirements of any of the certification programs for Europe, Canada or the United States are ineligible to bear a combined mark.However, these products can continue to bear individual UL Marks for specific certification programs as long as a product continues to comply with UL’s requirements.The optional C-UL-US Component Recognition Mark indicates compliance with both Canadian and U. Components covered by UL’s Recognized Component program are intended to be installed in another device, system or end product.They are to be installed at the factory, not in the field and they may have restricted performance capabilities that limit their use.

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