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Pepper, Freaks & Geeks, Fringe, Gossip Girl, Harry Sinclair, Jeannie Garth, Jessica Lowndes, Kenny Baumann, Lord of the Rings, Michael Steager, Peter Jackson, Rebecca Rand Kirshner Sinclair, Rob Estes, Saved by the Bell, Shailene Woodley, Shenae Grimes, SLOTAT, the CW, the Peach Pit, the CW, Tori Spelling | Leave a Comment returned from its hiatus, it has indeed been infinitely less lame, but its actually bordering now on a different kind of lameness, like a trippy nostalgia kind of lameness.

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Then one of those small town 'Actor/Model' searches came through Abilene, and I went on a whim.She knows she’s not; that’s why she’s spending all this time looking for adoption and pretending the baby doesn’t have a sex or a name. I totally won’t tear up at your fake wedding like I did at Amy and Ben’s. Could there have been a more hackneyed plot thread for these ladies to embark upon this week? Because, and I really hate to say this, I kind of missed the requisite lingering shot of the Dr. But for all that, what I do like about this plot is that she keeps undermining her own adoption search because some part of her does want to keep the baby she’s pretending she doesn’t want. There’s just not enough development behind this plot for it to get to that point and mean something. Hated the fortune teller and Donna’s quest, but I actually have to give Tori props for finding a good emotional space for Donna. Because I’m starting a Ph D program in the fall, I’m coming to realize that there are a number of shows I’m going to have to give up. For Michael Steager to suggest it of Jessica Lowndes is less so. I believe him when he says he’s loved Adriana since they were seven.And really, when it comes down to it, I’d rather spend my leisure time watching something that at least attempts to be challenging. Rebecca Rand Kirschner Sinclair’s name may be two names too long, but she’s guiding the show to a good, if completely culturally insignificant, place. It’s not that either of the latter pair are any better actors than the former, or even that the latter show is of a higher writing caliber than the former (although at least knows when it’s being ridiculous). But what I don’t believe is his suggestion that a girl who was addicted to drugs only a few short months ago is in a strong enough place in her life to keep her baby.

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