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But by talking about someone else’s wedding and relationship, you’re avoiding talking about your own, yes?Meaning, your relationship with yourself: What do you do on weekends? What life experience changed you most, for better or worse?POF found that 20 percent of singles are tired of talking about specialty diets in their online dating messages.These days, our generation is being overgeneralized in the news a lot — from our love of avocado toast to our debt related to FOMO.If you need ideas look at what’s trending or are hot topics on Twitter or Facebook.” — “People love to help so asking for a small favour is a great starter.If you don’t have a favour to ask for, just make one up.

The number one topic that daters are tired of talking about in online conversations is Donald Trump.

This is simple, elegant, and great if you are interested in someone or anytime you want to boost their likability toward you for business or social reasons.” — “Many people think they have nothing in common with a stranger but if someone is at a grocery store, restaurant or bar they are there for a reason—one which is likely similar to yours.

You’re both there so you both share a common interest. For instance, ask about what their experience at that venue has been like or why they chose it.” — “Give a genuine smile and say, ‘Hi.’ It sounds too simple but people are so used to other people staring at their phones that a simple smile and hello can be a very bold move. You don’t want to date a rude person anyway.)” — “Asking ‘I’ve been really thinking deeply about something and wondering if I can share it, and get your feedback?

“Helping questions are great conversation openers because when a person helps you it forms natural bonds.

When you help another person to figure what an item is on the buffet or locate the restroom, it lowers your defenses.

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