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That’s also why those guys are usually spending a lot less than western guys! You see way more western dudes picking up Asian chicks in clubs and pubs.

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Part of the reason they pay is to avoid that kind of shit! The last time I went looking for We Chat prostitutes was a late night when I just sent a regular Vietnamese girl on her way. It didn’t help that as I was going back to my room I saw a Korean dude with a super hot sex worker in a short dress on his arm. I would write back quoting 1,000,000 Vietnamese Dong.They don’t know that there are tons of other places in Bangkok and across Asia with hotter chicks who charge a lot less money and are usually sweeter and more service minded.So when they arrive in a place like Ho Chi Minh City and can’t find a go go bar complex or a place with an English name that makes reference to oral sex they think there’s nothing going on.They almost always have darker skin than their photos but they are usually fit and firm and many have big fake tits and perky nipples.I think a lot of them also do the sex work circuit and sell their asses in places like Singapore and Malaysia.

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