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hi dear members i am using these methods "Grid View1_Row Editing", "Grid View1_Row Canceling Edit", "Grid View1_Row Updating" on datagrid to edit row, cancel editing in row and row updating, all of them are working correct except "Grid View1_Row Updating" some body give me coding suggestions that how changed values in datagrid will be updated in datagrid and database.

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Now, if I do another selection in the Drop Down List the Grid View stays on the screen as the progress control is beings shown.

Are you aware what might cause the directory info members to return nothing after it works for a while, or the opposit, meaning, it doesn t work first, and all of a sudden, it starts working.

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This is gonna drive us crazy vb Code: Protected Sub Page_Load(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

Load Load Data List() End Sub Private Sub Load Data List() Dim obj DI As New IO.

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