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Well, while Jenae is at the store, we got Harry to come over.

Alright, Harry, this is my best friend Jenae & Jenae, this is Harry.

Just don't spend all of Nialls' money.", I say.

We should invite him over & "watch movie"...", I say.

I whisper to them all to tell them that we're gonna start dirty dancing. I start playing ' Drop It Low Girl' by Ester Dean & we all start dancing. I start dancing towards Niall & he gets a smirk on his face. I open it & see, I start screaming & jumping up & down.

I finally get to him & start giving him a lap dance.

I'm really not sorry that I hit her but I feel bad for him.

*9 in the morning* I hear my phone playing Up All Night. She wipes her tears & says, "It's very lonely without you there. I hate that you still live over there & I live over here.", I tell her. Niall & I sit beside them with the rest of the pillows & the other blanket. "Babe, wanna cuddle up so those creatures don't get you?

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