Graduate student dating undergrad

I generally agree with other posters that separate departments should be distant enough--except that you met at an academic conference, which suggests your areas of study overlap in some way.

How big was the conference, and has she already proposed a dissertation that does not overlap with your expertise?

Higher level positions which involve demonstrated intellectual skills and decision making empowerment are often only available to people with graduate degrees.

Let USA provide you with the environment and tools you need for creative achievement, independent investigation, and intellectual challenge as you pursue your graduate degree.

- which might be a thing if you met at the same conference, depending on how big and broad that conference is (for example, the American Public Health Association's annual conference is a massive, broad thing, while on the other hand a specialist conference might end in going 'Technically we're in different departments, but we both work on X', wherein there's a bit of a problem).

At the very least, it needs to be documented that it exists, and there should be a formal plan for how this going to impact her progress.

That comes up in the same department or in a direct supervisory role, but it could also crop up if you're in the same school.

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His bio indicates he met his wife while on a fellowship. Department of Education makes Direct PLUS Loans to eligible parents and graduate or professional students through schools participating in the Direct Loan Program.Important: Most schools require you to apply for a PLUS loan online at Student, but some schools have different application processes. There also needs to be an acknowledgement in both your minds that this is a dynamic question - as your career and hers progress, it may be important to revisit the question and make sure no conflicts exist, and evaluate opportunities that come up in light of your relationship.A number of colleges and universities banned faculty-undergraduate dating or otherwise shored up their consensual relationship policies after the Education Department published a reminder letter about sexual harassment liability, in 2011.

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