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The couple’s romance has flown under the radar since then.

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The show is Russian Roulette, network style, with contestants competing for five million dollars on-air, complete with loaded guns.

After breaking-up with his girlfriend Veronica, the unemployed John Hare rents a cheap room in an old boarding house owned by the nice Martin Stone and the landlord tells him that the house...

See full summary » In this mysterious film noir thriller, a serial killer targeting the city's mobsters taunts police with clues and photos left behind at the crime scenes. See full summary » A new street drug that sends its users across time and dimensions has one drawback: some people return no longer human.

The accused person isn't required to intend the resulting or potential harm, but must have acted in a way that showed a disregard for the foreseeable consequences of the actions.

See more » Although I found the message of the movie somewhat cliché (as I'm sure many, including the writer(s), will agree) and I thought I spotted a plot hole here or there, it had a decent script, effective directing and decent acting from the entire cast.

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