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Not only did the Native-American population skyrocket in North America, but we've gone through a major shift in how Two Spirits are recognized and treated. Today, dozens of Two Spirit organizations exist across the United States and Canada (North Valley Two Spirits, represent! We have several of our own powwows, 501c3s and models that help sustain and preserve the Two Spirit way of life.

Our Two-Spirit ancestors were targeted, beaten, raped, murdered because colonizers thought they were evil, sinful….were targeted because of the power they held within many of our communities as leaders, healers, warriors… This smacks an awful lot of cultural appropriation.

“I’ve had experiences with men, even while I was dating the woman who became my wife.

Alray Nelson has been campaigning for years for the right to marry the man he loves.

The sources quoted tell as much, and often more, about the commentator's sentiments about Native homosexuality than they do about its actual historical forms.

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Documents not originally in English are translated, but, when possible, the foreign word referring, to same-sex sexuality is included.

As law professor Marcia Zug astutely noted in a 2016 piece for : “tribal sovereignty remains precarious,” and the longer tribes enact same-sex marriage bans “the higher the likelihood that they will negatively impact perceptions of tribes and tribal justice.

Historically, when tribal and Anglo-American values were in conflict, non-Indians tended to disparage tribal values as backwards, inferior, and unjust.” This was certainly the case when my tribe, the Cherokee Nation, revoked the citizenship of the Freedmen, the descendants of black slaves once held by Cherokees.

However, the tribal council, which in 2005 outlawed same sex marriage, is the biggest roadblock between him and equal rights.

Nelson said a recent president of the Navajo Nation told him gay and lesbian couples should leave the reservation because he thought marriage equality was a “white man’s way of thinking.” But as Nelson put it, most tribal nations that hes creation story.

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