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Looking back at it some two years after I began, the writting is a bit ragged and the storytelling could have been better, but as I said, it was my first attempt at this type of story. Although she felt shame admitting it to herself, Sara went upstairs to find her wedding dress. She hesitated only briefly before grabbing both items. She knew she had to make it quickly back to her bed. She suddenly remembered the collar, put it on and snapped on the leash. Now she definitely hears the sound of high heels on the hardwood floor. Sara spread her pussy lips as instructed and briefly stuck two fingers inside to coat them. Anderson to know she had followed her instructions. Suddenly Sara was worried, but the scent of her arousal quickly dispatched that emotion as her bedroom door slowly opened. Anderson circled the bed like a vulture circling her prey. Sara, the young wife of her husband's best employee, was on her bed clothed only in her wedding dress and holding a leash attached to the dog collar around her neck. She was careful not to touch Sara's pussy, but instead ran her finger tantalizingly close causing Sara to shiver. Anderson then said, "From now on, you will call me Mistress A." and pulled a blindfold out of a bag she was carrying. As she attached the blindfold, Mistress A explained, "The loss of one sense will heighten your other senses. She also wanted to lower her hands to her pussy and get herself off. She has pleased her new mistress so far and did not want to risk angering her.I think my current works are better written, but I do like this story and hope you will too. Sara removed her sweat pants and t-shirt and again looked in her mirror. Stopping only to make sure the door was unlocked, Sara headed back upstairs. As she held out the leash with her other hand, Sara realized there were two sets of heeled footsteps, not one. Sara arched her back in an effort to make contact with the teasing finger. I also want you to keep guessing about what will happen next. Mistress Anderson: "Sara, I want you to do something for me. The wetness in your pussy confirms that I could make you cum any time I choose.Her other arm was then grabbed, by the mystery person Sara imagines and it pulled tight and attached inside the second cuff.The mystery person then slowly runs her hand down Sara's outstretched arm, her cheek, shoulder and finally comes to rest on her covered breast. Sara wished they had taken off her wedding dress before attaching her arms to the headboard. Sara's actions demonstrated her need and her tormenters clearly understood what they were doing to the young wife.

At the request of a reader I combined the 20 chapters into a single story (455 pages in Word) The Adventures of Sara. Anderson tapped into Sara's submissive nature and the inexperienced Sara is now in her bed, wearing her wedding dress, a collar and leash and waiting for Mrs. Soccer Mom ended with a wonderful cliff hanger ending with Sara hearing two sets of heels walking to her bedroom and Sara spreading her pussy lips with one hand and holding her leash with the other. I can already see you dripping and smell your arousal. Of course that wasn't true and breakfast passed quickly. As she finished dressing, she heard their dog barking at the window. The dog was barking at a neighbor walking her dog down the sidewalk. Mistress Anderson: "You have done well so far my pet. As you asked before, I did bring a friend with me to help with your training. She is a close friend and will know you intimately before we are finished.Sara was lost in though pondering that question until she suddenly realized it was 9am. She knew she was wet and it took all her will not to masturbate to orgasm. Anderson would be able to tell Sara had disobeyed her orders. Maybe, although Sara thought she had followed the instructions correctly. Mistress A continued to slowly to slowly rub Sara's clit while continuing to probe Sara's pussy with her middle finger. Nod your head if you understand." Sara quickly nods, and then moans her Mistress increases the speed of her ministrations. From now on, your body belongs to me to use as I please.Sara also knew it would not be difficult to remain in the aroused state Mrs. Sara pulled the veil over her head and let her mind run wild. I will not interfere with your family life and your husband does not need to know what a slut you really are. You will not refuse any request I make and will need to ask permission to cum. Within a couple of minutes, Sara's husband shot a huge load into Sara's shudder pussy. She dutifully pretended to enjoy herself, but secretly kept wishing her husband would finish quickly.

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