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Although the newly organized group in North Dakota voted to be affiliated as a chapter of AHSGR, in reality it was never formally accepted.

A question arose relative to dues structure the question whether it was necessary to p ay the dues of AHSGR in order to qualify for membership in NDHSGR.

He received his grade school education in a one-room school in Hoffnungstal School District, high school in Kulm, baccalaureate degree from University of North Dakota, and after service during World War II in the European theater of operations, his legal education at University of North Dakota and University of Minnesota. Friederich sent an invitation to all known members of the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia who lived in North Dakota to an organizational caucus for the purpose of “initiating steps to organize a statewide group which would foster and promote the compilation and preservation of the German people who migrated from Russia to the United States and particularly North Dakota”. Arthur Leno were elected President pro tem and Secretary pro tem, respectively. Friederich appointed La Vern Neff, Arthur Leno, William Simpfenderfer and Armand Bauer to draft Articles of Incorporation and a recommended Constitution and By-Laws, and to serve with him as incorporators and initial Board of Directors. William Sherman, Karen Retzlaff, and Alice Essig were appointed as a publicity committee, and Le Roy Oberlander as a committee of one to receive and record inquiries about membership.

Within the Society itself at the present time are some who would prefer to include the letter “F” for the word “from” in the abbreviated title (Monagram); it would then rind GFRHS instead of GRHS.Signing of the Articles by the Incorporators took place on January 9, 1971, officially marking the “birth” of the North Dakota Historical Society of Germans from Russia. This anti-Russian feeling in the post 1890 emigrants seemed much stronger among them than among the earlier emigrants.The official organization meeting was held on the same day at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Bismarck, ND and at least 98 persons signed the attendance roster. Its adoption was effected without a dissenting vote. As youngsters growing up at Zeeland, ND we knew our grandparents (in most cases) had been born in Russia. Names such as German-Russian or Russian-Germans were rejected by the organizers even though it was argued that the German-speaking peoples in Russia were citizens of that country and such a title would be more descriptive.This was not acceptable to some members of AHSGR, for various reason(s), one being that this would be a duplicative effort.Judge Ray Friederich, as a member of the Board of Directors of AHSGR and president of the newly-founded of NDHSGR attempted to bring together the principals of both organizations for discussion. David Miller, president of AHSGR, was invited to be the Keynote speaker at the first convention of NDHSGR, (which since has become an annual affair) on September 24-26, 1971, held at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Bismarck, ND.

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