Ellis island dating sim game cheats

Olivia’s mind fills up with wicked and kinky ideas about Ellie, and about Paul, and a few about both of them!

With Ellie leaving in 30 days, Olivia wonders: should she act upon those kinky thoughts or not?

Until she meet Paul, that is, her close friend and colleague from work who she hit it off with… Let’s talk about Olivia’s life long friend, Ellie, who just recently called Olivia, crying and stuttering incoherently.

Olivia could only make out the words “cheating” and “breakup”. She offered a sympathetic ear and a place for Ellie to crash for the night.

Olivia loves Paul and would do almost anything to get his attention…

but for some strange reason the same could be said for her best friend Ellie, who she has been sharing a bed with for the past few weeks.

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Libely you, your vote was recorded and the game rating will be updated dating paypal.But once the landlord caught wind that another tenant was living with Olivia, she was threatened with eviction if Ellie did not move out within 30 days.What made matters worse was that Ellie’s job would not pay for any relocation costs and did not offer any reimbursement for traveling to work.Ellie packed her things a fast as she could and drove 40 minutes to Olivia’s, swearing she’d never go back, which now made her homeless.Olivia was able to calm her down and it reminded her of the old days when they were growing up: The slumber parties when they were kids, the shared angst of their teenage years; the day that Ellie came out to her as bisexual; the long nights of talking about ex’s and sexual encounters. Olivia offered Ellie her place, food and even the one bed until things smoothed over.

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