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He had a show hit in Australia but media is light there to how it is in the States.“He gives the best comments when asked about our relationship.They know what they’re talking about,” DON’T avoid eye contact: “It used to be hard for me to directly look someone in the eye.

They have been seen hanging out with each other over a number of occasions this weekend.If I wanna go eat at a little restaurant that isn’t fancy, I’ll do it.If I wanna go without make-up and not care what I look like, I will.Miley Cyrus is delighted with the way Liam Hemsworth – who she met when they worked together on ‘The Last Song’ – has quickly adjusted to her fame and is particularly smitten by his relaxed attitude to life.When asked about how the former ‘Neighbours’ star copes with the pressure of having such a famous girlfriend, she replied, “It’s interesting for him.

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