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When I try to enter "vids" as a new custom field, I get this error message: "An unidentified error has occurred." I'm using Wordpress 2.7.1. I send a bug report here However, in the SVN repository there is an updated version that bypass this problem as you can also see in Video Graph Ex online demo. For weeks I was trying to figure out how to make a video blog and Videographex is perfect for my first website. Videos are included using Viper's quicktag plugin so you can ask Viper for your feature.

If you wish to try to solve your problem before I publish a new version, you can download new from here Ex/trunk/Videograph Ex/ and overwrite your version. Is there any way to remove "related videos" at the end of a You Tube clip? If you want to remove related videos only in a video, add a "rel=0" attribute into [youtube] tag. v=ENiha Fo Zh_g[/youtube] If you want to disable this youtube feature for all your youtube video you can go to the wordpress admin page, settings, video quicktags, and, at the end of this page you found various configuration and the one to disable related videos (I don't know what's the name of this setting in english because I have configured wordpress in italian language). Viper's quicktag plugin website is Viper's forum is:

Click it and then click the drop-down box there and you should see xhtmlsitemap as an option. First of all, take a look to Change Log for changes between your version and the latest. If you are not interested in left-header logo image you can simply overwrite inside your theme directory and nothing of your graphics will change and you will have support for f4v thumbnail.

In his forum Viper informs that it's just enable, in his standard plugin, the possibility to activare mod_h264_streaming using this sintax: [flv flashvars="streamer=lighttpd"] Download in format This theme comess from a parent theme called Videograph and developed by Zoom Start.

If you want more information about theme feature, you can take a look to this video.

If you want to take a more inside look, there is a demo website that use this theme. I don’t suggest to install it on an existing blog with posts.

Videograph Ex is a theme for Wordpress blog platform.

Besides Videgraph use custom field to select the video to embed Videgraph Ex use Viper’s quicktime that, almost for me, are more intuitive, simple to use and to mantain.

Else you can download this theme from here and unzip it in wp-content/themes Wordpress folder or uncompress all files in your local computer and upload them in your remote website via FTP under a folder wp-content/themes/Videograph Ex.

Then, go to your themes manager under admin panel and activate this theme.

Apache/1.3.37 Server at Port 80" I tried thgis with a fresh install and I can't get past this for some reason. Thank you Alex Ron Posted: How Can I embedd My own player to play videos.... Maybe you can embed the Wp-Post View plugin to your design. Just to say I have modified it to a single column and switched off comments. We are using it on a website at the school where I work. Im building a website with live channels TV, i tried to use your videographex but i dont had sucess on it...

If you have any idea what it could be I'd really appreciate it. Hi Emiliano, i am also wondering the same thing, could u add this feature in, the ability to use our own player with our own setting to play the videos? I think it can be fun for people to see how often their video has been watched. I found that using tags on index and archive caused an overlap in the display in Internet Explorer so I have removed them from those pages and placed them in the single post php page. I do not know how to add a thumbnail from a video file that we upload directly to the site. how can i do it with your theme, i like very much.. Great addition to Video originals theme, though i wanted to know in sidebar2 and 3 php i wanted to set it to allow your modifying set for recent videos and latest video, BUT i also want the addition of widgets i choose in the widget selection menu any ideas or help woll be appreciated Hello Emiliano, If it's not too much to ask, could you tell me whether it is possible to make the posts succeed one another horizontally and if it is, which file should be changed?

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