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"Let's get you home." His shocked date tried to finish off her almost-full drink, with Jack quickly telling her that she can finish it on the way out as he ushered her along.Although he's meant to be hooking up with non-famous people the agents have set him up with, Jack has ended up dating his co-star Lauren Goodger.The pair got into hot water yesterday when they failed to turn up to a joint interview on This Morning after a boozy Celebs Go Dating wrap party.He apologised today, admitting he got "over excited".Someone please get them both out of there immediately, this is too awkward to handle.Later on, when the pair were assessing the date, Jack went on to make things all the more awkward by blaming everything on Chiara.Lorde put an end to the speculation that she is dating musician Jack Antonoff during a livestream on Thursday night. normally i would never address rumors but i resent having the most important friendships and working relationships in my life reduced to dumb hetero normative gossip. The 21-year-old singer took to Instagram Live last night to answer questions from fans. those relationships are deeply important and sacred.

You can always update your preferences in the Privacy Centre.The date prior to that didn’t end well either, with fans calling him “rude” because he savagely ended it because he’d “had enough”.After a chat filled with several uncomfortable silences, the hunk decided to call it a night, telling Tamara: "I'm tired now, I've had enough today.What she means is that she did not learn anything about me.” He continued: “I feel like I am getting criticised but I don’t feel like I have done anything wrong.” Horrified, Jack replied: “Really?” Reflecting on how it had gone, he moaned: “I started off on a nine, now I got a four and a three.” Those watching at home took to Twitter to discuss his score, with one person writing: “I wouldnt even rate jack 3/10 id say 0.5/10 #Celebs Go Dating.” A second added: “She was way to generous with that 3/10 #Celebs Go Dating.” While a third tweeted: “Jack was lucky to get 3 tbh #Celebs Go Dating.” Last night Jack’s date with Chiara was branded the most awkward ever by viewers.

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