Dating violence ywca

This program educates teens on how to incorporate non-violent philosophies into their lives and provides counseling and other support services to teens affected by, or at risk of engaging in, violent partner relationships.The eight-week curriculum is complemented with one-on-one counseling as needed.

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Contact Tara Huard at [email protected] 508-767-2505 x 3079 for more information or to schedule a workshop.

Intensive training about the complex dynamics of family violence, appropriate intervention, legal recourse, and safety planning and prevention strategies is available for any group.

A comprehensive training program designed to provide employees and employers with awareness, knowledge, and the necessary skills to address domestic violence issues that impact the workplace.

YWCA FVPP also offers court advocacy, support groups, safety planning, monitored parent-child visitation/exchange, and children support groups, teen dating violence prevention advocacy, employability programming, batterer’s intervention/prevention programming, and free 911 cell phones. YWCA FVPP also offers a 24 hour staffed crisis hotline.

We offer transitional housing and behavior modification for women who use violence (F. If you are in need of assistance, please call toll free at Specially trained Domestic Violence Advocates are available to listen, inform, and support.

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