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And that unique sexual imprint should be allowed full expression and free reign in order to retain health and uphold our fantastically unique self image. Instead of letting in the shame and belittlement of mass media, we can build a home for ourselves.’ And we all know the 18-25 bracket are as idealist as they get.So now we know what a flock of self empowered sexually liberated idealists look like to the system, we can understand why sexuality is so manipulated and abused by society. The pursuit of love doesn’t have to be sordid and base; in fact it should be entirely the opposite.Listening to external sounds or the sound of silence and the whole will lift you onto a higher frequency and set the intention that this time is to be spent in the higher love.This simple yet effective opening to your practice will channel it into the correct timeline and lift you above that shameful projecting the media have tried to pull you under.

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