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That is a heavy list of job responsibilities we carry with us, subconsciously, even in an initial online match.

This transactional nature has been criticized as, “an attempt to place love under a law of sorts and therefore as a betrayal of love itself.” Varsava tentatively agrees, writing that this criticism “although undoubtedly an exaggeration, does not seem totally off base.” Yet, as Varsava says, although not as prescriptive as Tinder and Ok Cupid, “agreements and promises, and the repetition of them, are incredibly common if not necessary to relationships of love, whether or not these are formed with the aid of dating services.” Offline, we consistently and constantly reaffirm affection through verbal acts, physical encounters or acts of service and support.

In order to survive the fierce competition, the online dating businesses need to try new marketing strategies and focus on those that aim at niche markets to boast greater rates of membership development.

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An offline romantic relationship is considered to be healthy when both parties agree to play a significant role in other’s life.

“Love is not in need of reinventing…although our cultural moment does call for rethinking and reimagining the practice of love, considering the rapidly evolving and expanding services and tools that surround it,” concludes Varsava.

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