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And the jobs aint really to hard to find, in fact, you could have mine if you knew how to rhyme" -Atmosphere Shane I know about Sioux Falls. Lived in Sioux Falls about 14 years, but I havent lived there in about 13 now. Still wonder if he was there when I was and if I could have done anything about it.

Anyway when I was a kid it was a dump for the most part and its come a long long way from then. I live near Mankato Minnesota about 2.5 hours away from SF and I would come down for stuff.

Heck I go to SF more than I go to the Twin Cities even though they are closer. I spent newyears at first day in SF, and come down all the time. Look at the rest of downtowns around the country and you will see a lot of residental going on in center cities (condos), many of them highrise.

We gave up our membership to the zoo in the twin cities to have one is SF, and love the kirby center. Would be nice to see a few taller buildings go up in downtown SF, has been a while since they built one.

Then you have to do something that will attract people at night, and keep those stores open later.

The goal is to make the downtown more of a 24 hour place.

Probally one of the nicest places to drive through..scenic and open.

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The nightlife aint all that, but thats okay, I don't need to be distracted by the devil everyday. I checked it out around new years with all the lights up down there, was beautiful. When I was a kid we snuck down there and checked it out in the middle of winter, the next day they found a homeless guy frozen to death right by where we were.

Being smaller SF downtown has a long way to go, but stores open later, and more nightlife along with more residental would be a start.

Looks like only 45 apartment units proposed, but it's also got a boutique hotel, class A office space and 600 parking stalls.

It's goal is to develop more small businesses along the path to the Falls.

The major thing that's straining Sioux Falls' downtown development is its industrialized north half and the lack of stores that stay open later.

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